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Male incontinence products

There are thousands of men and women all over the country living with incontinence issues, and each one of them understands their own unique female and male incontinence needs. Living with incontinence as a man requires careful planning, a range of products to stop leakage, to take care of hygiene needs, and to make clean-up efficient. MedProDirect carries male incontinence products like guards and protective underwear that have been designed with men in mind. We carry both Prevail and TENA products for all male incontinence needs so that you have what you need, when you need it.

incontinence symptoms in men

Incontinence in men ranges from small dribbles after you have gone to the bathroom, to always feeling like you have a full bladder, even when you have just used the toilet. Incontinence problems in men can lead to a loss of confidence, and even lead some men to make serious changes to their social lives. Whether your incontinence is linked to prostate-related issues, or is stress-related and associated with physical activity and exercise, MedProDirect has male incontinence products to help you live your fullest life.

comfort and peace of mind

What we want for our male customers is to provide them with the comfort and the peace of mind that lets them go out into the world, confident that no matter what happens, leakage is not going to be a problem. Being a man and dealing with incontinence can be stressful at times, but if you have the right products, and know how to use them, incontinence can be easily managed, and a minor feature of your life. Spend some time learning about our great line of male incontinence products and don’t let incontinence change the way you live, or what you get out of life.