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Wipes and Washcloths

Wipes and washcloths as part of your incontinence kit

Cleansing wipes and washcloths for adult incontinence sufferers are some of our most popular products, and are just as important as having the right pads, diapers and underwear. When incontinence strikes, you don’t just want to make sure you’re protected against leaks; you want to ensure that you can properly clean yourself afterwards and feel comfortable throughout the day. We carry both Prevail and TENA disposable washcloths that can be discreetly stored and carried, providing you with peace of mind wherever you go.

Incontinence cleansing wipes for adults

Wipes and washcloths are an essential part of maintaining a healthy incontinence routine. They are designed to be gentle, and are a necessary part of ensuring your skin remains protected from too much moisture or dryness. Adult disposable washcloths also come in hypoallergenic options for those with sensitive skin. Our cleansing wipes for adults come in easy to seal and re-open packages, meaning your products stay fresh longer. This means you can buy a large amount of these wipes in advance without worrying they will dry out on you.

Adult disposable washcloths on the go

You can’t always guess when incontinence will strike, which means you should always keep at least one spare set of whatever you need with you at all times. Whether you leave it in a bag, a purse, in your car, or in your desk, make sure that you have wipes and washcloths on you in the event that you need to clean up.

Combine wipes and washcloths with your undergarments purchase to make sure you can respond to incontinence effectively, and provide yourself with protection and comfort throughout the day. It is one thing to be able to absorb the leaks, it is another to be feeling fresh and clean after. Browse MedProDirect’s great selection of wipes and washcloths today.

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