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Freestyle Extra Long Waterproof Bibs

1922: Navy Solid with Terry front (1 bib)

1800-B03: Navy Mustache (1 bib)

1800-G02: Fuchsia Modern Flowers (1 bib)

1800-G06: Pink Garden Flower (1 bib)

1800-N09: Grey Chevron (1 bib)




19221800-B03, 1800-G02, 1800-G06, 1800-N09: A NEW waterproof bib from Freestyle that is extra long in size to provide maximum coverage. These bibs are proudly made in Canada and feature some fun patterns! A lightweight vinyl makes these bibs perfect for the warmer months.

Item 1922 is made with a Terry front for absorbency.

Items 1800-B03, 1800-G02, 1800-G06, and 1800-N09 are all made of light weight vinyl. 


  • leightweight vinyl material
  • waterproof
  • extra long coverage (17″ x 35″)
  • adjustable hook and loop closure
  • easy to wipe down
  • machine washable

1922: Navy Solid w/ Terry Front – 17″ x 35″ (1 bib)

1800-B03: Navy Mustache – 17″ x 35″ (1 bib)

1800-G02: Fuchsia Modern Flowers- 17″ x 35″ (1 bib)

1800-G06: Pink Garden Flower- 17″ x 35″ (1 bib)

1800-N09: Grey Chevron- 17″ x 35″ (1 bib)