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About MedProDirect

We bring experience and knowledge to clients resulting in innovative and cost effective solutions. MedProDirect is a 100% Canadian owned distributor of high quality incontinence products, providing convenient and discreet delivery.

Corporate Profile

MedProDirect launched in 2004 as the “Incontinence Specialists” serving the needs of everyone from Home Care Providers and Individuals living on their own, to those in Retirement and Group Homes, as well as residents in Long Term Care Homes. The main objective is to provide innovative product options from the lightest to heaviest incontinence needs. These products consist of bladder control pads, protective underwear (pull-ups), adult briefs (diapers), and underpads. We also provide products that aid in skin and wound care.

Product Supplies

MedProDirect supplies the largest choice of quality incontinence products. Product lines include Prevail by First Quality, TENA, Tranquility, Lilfit, and Attends.

Our Mission

  1. Focus on Resident Individual Assessment and Support offering our experience and knowledge in selecting the best products for the assessed need.
  2. Ensure that the individual is supported with dignity while maximizing current abilities to maintain a fulfilling lifestyle.
  3. Make government funding easy! MedProDirect will help with the application process for Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit (MSN), review funding to ensure maximum funding, on-site consultation, as well as customized quotes for MSN.

Specialists at Work!

MedProDirect’s team consists of Incontinence Specialists well versed in the best practices of incontinence management. We are committed to providing client focused incontinence and skin care products.