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Funding/Direct Payment Billing

MedProDirect works with several private and public insurance groups in Canada to assist with billing purposes. Please be sure to review your coverage with your caseworker or insurance representative so that the information is correct and complete!

What You Need to Know

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
– First you will need to have a completed Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit Form (MSN Form) which is filled out by a doctor, or a registered nurse. You can contact your local Ontario Disability Support Program office and ask for one of these forms.
– Next, you will need to contact MedProDirect and we will put together a quote for the monthly products you require. You can call us toll free at 1-866-613-5317, or you can email us at [email protected] and we will assist you. We will need your caseworkers contact information (name, phone/fax number) and your member ID number.
– Finally, the case worker will need to approve the quote sent from MedProDirect. Once this is done, they will send a copy of the approval to MedProDirect and the client.  MedProDirect’s fax number is 905-670-7478.
– This process may take a few days to complete, so you may want to check in with your caseworker so you are aware of how everything is progressing. Once we receive the approval we will call to confirm your order and the products that are being sent!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 1-866-613-5317 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Third Party Insurance Billing
– You may have coverage through other insurance programs such as Sun Life Financial or Manulife. These evaluations are done individually and the procedure is dependent on the insurance company.
– Usually these insurance companies ask for a doctor’s prescription and diagnosis, as well as a claim form provided by the company. If direct billing is not possible, there is the option of paying up front and then getting reimbursed by the insurance company.

Blue Cross Veteran’s Affairs
– We will need a doctor’s prescription/diagnosis, as well as your ‘K’ number. Prior approval from Blue Cross will be required before they are billed because only particular items are covered.

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These are some more funding services available to you:

Easter Seals
1. Incontinence Supplies Grant Program
– Easter Seals Ontario administers the Incontinence Supplies Grant Program on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This program is for children and youth with chronic disabilities that result in irreversible incontinence or retention problems lasting longer than six months requiring the use of incontinence supplies. This program is fully funded by the Ministry.

2. Top -Up Program
– The Top Up Program “tops up” the annual amount from the Incontinence Supplies Grant Program for eligible individuals and families. This program is fully funded by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services, and all eligibility criteria and top up grant levels are set by this Ministry. Easter Seals Ontario acts as a transfer payment agency for this program.

Non-Insured Health Benefits Program
– The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program is a national program that provides coverage to registered First Nations and recognized Inuit for a specified range of medically necessary items and services that are not covered by other plans and programs.

Alberta Health- Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)
– Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) assists Albertans with a long-term disability, chronic illness or terminal illness, in maintaining independence in their community. They provide funding for basic medical equipment and supplies to meet clinically assessed needs.  An assessment by a health care professional determines the equipment and supplies an Albertan can receive through the AADL program.

For more information regarding this program, click here.