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Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements for seniors

Dietary supplements include a diverse range of pills, foods, and drinks that help ensure your system is balanced and healthy. They are not medicines, nor should they ever take the place of food, but they can help address incontinence issues when taken correctly.

There are vitamin, mineral, herb, concentrate, and amino acid recommendations for incontinence suffers that many people find improve their quality of life. There are also food thickeners for foods and liquids. These contain thickening agents which help you balance the amount of liquids you are taking in, and therefore, the liquids you will have to get rid of.

Why it makes sense to thicken up your food

The benefits of our dietary supplements are many. Thickening the foods and liquids you consume can help cut down on the frequency of your bowel movements and urination, as well as improve the solidness of your bowel movements. This means that, whether you are wearing incontinence products like pads, diapers, or underwear (or not), you can both cut down the frequency of incontinence issues, and minimize the amount of cleanup required when they do happen.

Dietary supplements and comfort

While dietary supplement are not a cure-all for incontinence sufferers, they can help make dealing with incontinence easier, even more predictable, and every little improvement helps when you’re talking about incontinence.

With supplements such as thickeners, you can make any hot or cold food/beverage thicker without doing anything to alter the taste, and thickeners have been clinically demonstrated to reduce the risk of aspiration for people who have a history of swallowing difficulties, compared to trying to ingest thin liquids. Browse our selection of dietary supplements and find out more about how these, and others can help you more effectively deal with incontinence.

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