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Skin care for seniors with incontinence issues

Skin care for seniors is important no matter how you look at it. As our skin ages it is important that we continue to make sure it is well hydrated, and that any rashes, autoimmune, or allergic reactions are well treated. This is especially true for incontinence sufferers, because frequent contact with urine and feces can end up creating skin problems of their own. MedProDirect carries Aloe Vesta, Calmoseptine, Colopast, and TENA skin care product to help make sure that you are able to attend to your skin while dealing with incontinence.

Skin care should be part of your routine

There are essentially three things that people living with incontinence must keep in mind: leak protection, leak clean up, and a follow up skin care regimen. It is important to avoid things like perfumed moisturisers, especially if you, or if the person you are caring for has allergies, or if there is already redness or broken skin. Skin care for seniors also means washing the area twice daily with a soap-free cleanser or a soap alternative. It is also important to avoid talcum powder, or barrier cream, as these two skin care products can actually impact the effectiveness of things like pads.

Quality skin care products

MedProDirect is a popular source for skin care for seniors because it allows you to order a range of high quality, trusted products online without having to go all the way to the store. We carry products that help people maintain their skin health, and ensure that they are looking after their sensitive areas while managing their incontinence. Take a look at some of our fantastic, gentle products and make MedProDirect your one stop shop for skin care for seniors.

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