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A wide range of female incontinence products

Just as with most things involving natural bodily functions, there are many incontinence concerns and issues that men and women share, but there are also ones that only, or much more frequently pertain to female incontinence. MedProDirect understands this, and carries brands and products that are specifically designed with the female incontinence sufferer in mind. We carry TENA and Prevail products like bladder control pads, pant liners, extra comfort pads, and active protective underwear designed specifically for women.

Incontinence pads and underwear for female urinary incontinence

These pads are probably the most widely used, and most well known female incontinence product you will find. They are typically the first product most women try when they begin experiencing continence issues. They range in size, and discreteness, but the important thing for women is that they immediately change a pad once they become soiled. Women have unique hygiene needs in this respect, requiring extra sensitive products and care. There are also special pads available for those women who still want to be able to lead an active lifestyle while living with incontinence, as well as underwear for more robust protection, which looks and feels great.

Quality you can trust

MedProDirect offers its female customers special female incontinence products for their unique needs. Our aim is to provide comfortable, discreet, high quality female incontinence products to women, alleviating discomfort, and the stress that can come with trying to live one’s life around incontinence issues. Incontinence affects men and women all over Canada, but as with anything to do with the bladder, and the urinary tract, women have unique needs that must be attended to. Browse our selection of high quality, brand name female incontinence products and don’t let accidents and leakage stand in your way.