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Attends Premier Overnight Underwear

ALI-UW20: Medium (4 bags of 14)

ALI-UW30: Large (4 bags of 12)

ALI-UW40: XLarge (4 bags of 10)




ALI-UW20, ALI-UW30, ALI-UW40: Attends Premier Underwear are designed to manage heavy to severe urinary and/ or fecal incontinence. These briefs offer premium overnight protection, feature an ultra-plush design, have high rise and full fit protection, and are 100% breathable which helps to promote healthy skin.


  • Dry- Lock® Containment Core that locks away liquid faster
  • SmartCool™ Breathability for 100% breathability to improve comfort and promote health skin
  • ConfidenceCuff™ Elastics for leak protection for confident days and dignified nights.
  • Odor control
ALI-UW20: Medium – 34-44″ (72 ct)
ALI-UW30: Large- 44-58″ (64 ct)
ALI-UW40: Xlarge- 58-68″ (56 ct)