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Clothing Protector

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Prevail Underpads – Air Permeable Underpad

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SKU: UP-072

UP-072: Air Permeable (6 bags of 12)

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Prevail Underpads – Fluff: Printed Bag

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UP-150: Fluff (6 bags of 25)

UP-150-1: Fluff (1 bag of 25)

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Prevail Underpads – Super Absorbent: Clear Bag

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UP-425: Super Absorbent (4 bags of 25)

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Quilted 10 oz. Underpad

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Quilted Chairpad

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Quilted Underpad

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Why invest in incontinence underpads?

Incontinence underpads are a great product for people who are worried that their incontinence may stain or damage bedding or furniture. If you are already wearing adult diapers, incontinence underwear, or pads, disposable and washable underpads provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. They are great to keep around the house, and are often packed in luggage when people go on vacation, or travel.

We carry underpads in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels. Underpads should, however, not be your first line of defence against incontinence. There is still no substitute for a high quality absorbent diaper, underwear liner, or incontinence underwear.

Incontinence pads for your bed

Many incontinence sufferers experience incontinence issues at night while they sleep. Having an incontinence pad underneath you makes it easier to get to bed, knowing that the mattress is well protected. It also provides peace of mind to your spouse or partner, knowing that you (and they) are protected, and so is the bed. Even if you are not someone who deals with frequent incontinence issues, having incontinence pads handy, or already in place in the event of an accident will save you a lot of time, trouble, and potentially money.

Washable bed pads

Our washable bed and furniture pads can be used again and again. The pads we carry are quilted, cotton-based, have absorbent poly/rayon soakers, and impermeable barriers so you can be certain anything underneath is well protected. Having washable incontinence underpads and bedliners is also better for the environment because you are not throwing them out as often.

Follow the washing instructions on the pad and your pads should last you for many uses. If you, or someone you know has incontinence issues, these pads are a great thing to keep stocked for company. Browse our selection of high quality washable incontinence underpads.

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