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Prevail Overnight Underwear

*** PLEASE NOTE- This item is replacing the Prevail MEN’S (#PMX-512, PMX-513) and WOMEN’S (PWX-512, PWX-513, PWX-514) Overnight Underwear *** 

PVX-512: Small/Medium- 4 bags of 16

PVX-513: Large- 4 bags of 14

PVX-514: XLarge- 4 bags of 12




PVX-512, PVX-513, PVX-514: Prevail Overnight Underwear are unisex and are highly absorbent. This new unisex product is to replace the Prevail Men’s and Women’s Overnight Underwear.

  • 100% Breathable with AirMax Layer
  • Skin Smart Fabric Technology
  • Odor Guard
  • MaxSorb Gel Technology
  • DriFit


PVX-512: Small/Medium- 34-46″ (64 ct)

PVX-513: Large- 44-58″ (56 ct)

PVX-514: XLarge- 58-68″  (48 ct)